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What is CheckPointZ?

“CheckPointZ” is a remote proctoring service that pairs AI’s fraud detection capability with human proctors
to monitor test taker’s behavior and PC operation logs from exam sessions.
The remote system eliminates the need for test takers to congregate at a single test site, reducing health risks,
along with financial and travel burdens. It ensures a secure online exam environment.

Our Service Range

“CheckPointZ” can be used with any CBT system.
CheckPointZ’s integration with CBT System from EduLab Group brings the Examination platform to a complete end-to-end solution
that includes everything from test construction to result management and fraud activity notifications.

Computer Based Test (CBT)
*Features such as test construction, result management and result notification are supported by CBT systems of other companies.
CBT Product
Other CBT
CheckPointZ Face Verification
Video Proctoring
Fraud Detection
Fraudulent Activity Notification
CBT Test Construction ー※
Result Management ー※
Result Notification ー※

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